Due to its water solubility, it can be administered directly under the tongue or even diluted in liquid such as water or juices, providing an alternative mode of administration that may increase treatment adherence.


• Broad Spectrum Product (0% THC)
• Flavor: Blueberry
• Concentration: 1000mg per bottle and 33.33mg/mL
• 100% organic
• Net Weight: 30ml

How to buy

What makes Nano CBD unique

The formulation of Nano CBD utilizes natural botanicals and meets pharmaceutical-grade quality standards. Our CBD oil contains CBD extracted from an organically grown hemp farm in the United States.

We use the highest quality ingredients in our products and take pride in offering high-quality CBD oil specifically formulated to provide the maximum possible benefits.

All our Broad Spectrum extracts are THC-free, meaning they do not cause intoxicating effects. Nevertheless, exercise caution when consuming. We recommend consulting a medical professional before incorporating CBD into your routine.


High-Quality Ingredients

Ultra-distilled water, organically grown NanoZorb™ optimized Broad Spectrum CBD hemp oil, Non-GMO sunflower lecithin, coconut MCT oil, natural flavor and color, Stevia.

NanoZorb™ Technology

Why we use NanoZorb™ Nanotechnology

Transforming CBD into nanoparticles results in a product with superior absorption, enhancing treatment effectiveness. Nanoparticles are molecules on an atomic scale, making them easily absorbed by the human body.

Discover the small size of our nanoparticle.

Our nanoparticle is 1000 times smaller than conventional ones. Did you know that a nanometer is approximately 100,000 times smaller than the width of a human hair?

Nanoparticles with up to 90% absorption.

Our particle measures less than 100 nanometers for faster and more effective assimilation. This is 5 times more absorption compared to conventional products.

  • Maximum Bioavailability
  • Molecule with a longer lifespan
  • Less degradation by the liver
  • Greater penetration into your cells
  • Better results

Understand the 3 steps to buy our nano CBD

Consult a prescribing doctor

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International Quality
Exclusively produced in the USA from entirely organic plants.

Our production adheres to strict quality control standards, ensuring our CBD is considered pharmaceutical-grade. CBD extraction is performed using CO₂, with no chemical substances involved.

All product batches are tested to ensure you receive the highest quality product, free from toxic metals or pesticides.

Our product is extracted from plants grown exclusively in an organic manner in the USA.