How it works

Understand how the 3 steps to purchase legally imported CBD work

Did you know that in order to buy CBD products for health treatment it is necessary to follow some steps in order for the current Brazilian law to be complied with?

Do not worry! We will be able to support you from start to finish. We can recommend prescribing doctors, provide guidance for you to receive Anvisa’s authorization and also support for any questions you might have on how to buy legally imported CBD.

1st Consult with a prescribing doctor

If you do not have a prescribing doctor, we can assist you with the referral.

I need a prescribing doctor

2nd Receive authorization from ANVISA

As Nanolab Nutrition has permission for importation according to RDC 660/2022, the authorization is automatically issued upon patient registration. Authorization is valid for 24 months.

The authorization issued by Anvisa is only required for individuals residing in Brazil.

I need help with the authorization

3rd Do you already have the authorization?
Send us the documents and make the purchase on our website

After receiving the authorization send us the documents and make the purchase on our website.

Send documents